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If you sell products or services having an e-commerce shop will really make a huge difference.  It will give your customers somewhere they can shop online, promote brand trust, showcase your products and make the payment process quicker and easier.  For you it will give you a clear way to share and promote what you offer as well as keep your bookings or sales in one place.

You do not have to be a big business to have an online shop.  I can help set it all up for you to best showcase your offerings. This can be across one product line or multiple lines if you sell lots of different types of item.  I can even connect your shop to your Facebook and Instagram accounts so you can tag your products with links straight to your website.

Alternatively, if you have an Etsy store already I could instead link your Etsy to your website so that shoppers can browse on your website but checkout on Etsy to keep your ratings and reviews up there.

If you offer a service we can connect online booking forms and schedules to your website so you can take and mange your bookings easily.  Or we can link a book now page to your email account so people can easily get in touch.

We can have a chat about what you sell, where you currently sell and the best options for you going forward to give you the best solution for you.

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