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I want to help individuals and small businesses increase their online presence and ultimately improve your bookings or sales. A well designed and easy to navigate website is the perfect tool to showcase what you offer and it will add a layer of professionalism to any individual or business.

I will design the website for you in Wix, the reason why I chose this platform and not other private hosting options is because I feel it is the easiest to navigate when it comes to you updating the website as and when you need to.  After I have designed your site I hand it over to you and then it is fully yours to add or update as you wish, no extra design fees.  I have tried every hosting platform out there and I believe this will give you the freedom you need to expand and grow.  For those who are not sure how to update the website I will take you through a tutorial on how to do the most relevant updates for you and of course I can always be around to help in the future where needed.  I can also provide a very affordable update service if you would prefer me to do this for you and keep your website looking perfect.

How the process works

Once you have decided to book your website I will contact you with a list of questions to find out more about you, your service/business and more information about the kind of website you would like.  Once I have a clear picture in my mind as to what you are after I will work on your home page first so you can take a look at the style.  This will be a great indication to how the rest of the website will look and we can make any adjustments then as necessary.  I will then continue with the rest of the website sending you proofs of each page as and when they are finished until we get to the perfect finished result.    


Next will be your mobile website, ensuring all of your content is optimised for viewing on a mobile phone.  Lastly I will work on the SEO of your website (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure your google pages will look great too and we will chat about key words to include.  If you have an online shop we can also look at integrating that with your social media platforms. 



Building a website is very time consuming.  Let me do the hard work for you.



With Photoshop and top photo editing software I can ensure all of your shots look their best. I can also help with logo design or branding ideas.


No Limits

Free templates can be very limiting, having a designer ensures you can have the website in the way that you would like it.



Desktop site, mobile site, SEO, booking pages, online shop, video embedding, web links and more.  If you are not sure what you are doing your website can easily not get across what you want and it may end up with an amateur feel to it, or not utilising many of the elements that can make a website interesting.




Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 00.06.02.png

Prints & Wishes - E-Commerce

This is a section of the homepage for personalised gifts business Prints And Wishes.  

Key words for the website were: Beautiful, pretty, classy, wistful and feminine, with a colour palette of duck egg and gold to match the logo which I also designed.

This is a full e-commerce shop with various product collection pages so the website can be easily navigated.  I set up the payment gateway and also integrated the shop with Facebook and Instagram so products can be directly tagged.

There are links to featured products on the homepage so customers could shop for these quickly and easily as well as a clear header across the top listing the different collections on offer. 

Actor Website

This is part of the homepage for my latest website design for actor, voiceover artist and acting coach Andy Watkins.  

His key words were: Professional, clean and easy to navigate.

Andy wanted a website that would showcase the different services he offers including links to his Spotlight page, embedded video, embedded voice reels and more.

It was important that each service had its own page so it was easy to find the relevant service.  We set up a home page which included an 'about me' section and contact form, as well as an acting page, voiceover page, acting coaching page, gallery, and contact page.

Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 01.27.02.png
Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 23.26.39.png

West End On Demand

This is part of the homepage for West End On Demand.


Key words for this design were exciting and energetic with a colour palette of black and gold.

The website needed to appeal to teachers and group leaders as well as individual students or parents.  We decided to include a video on the homepage so that the visitor could get an immediate impression of what the company was about.  

This website has lots of pages for all the different workshops and courses on offer.  I divided them into two clear sections that could be accessed directly from the homepage: Workshops and Summer courses.

and of course, this website,

Big Wheel Design